• The Avenue

    This scaffold was to provide access for timber frame new build, new residential flats and houses.

  • New Office Build, Whiteley

    This building was a steel frame construction, and the scaffold was required to fit finishing panels, roof and windows.

  • Guildford Footbridge

    Scaffold provided to replace decking to the existing footpath

  • West Southampton Primary Care Delivery Centre

    This scaffold was built to enable finishing works on a steel frame building.

  • Storehouse Bridge, Havant

    Bridge access scaffold to allow installation of new guardrail system to A27 highway.

  • Billinghurst Bridge

    Scaffold access for brick work repairs and strengthening works to the main over bridge

  • Forge Lane

    The scaffold had to be erected in 36 hours to allow for the lines to be re-opened on the Monday morning. We completed the job in 28 hours using rolling shifts.

  • Battledown Bridge

    Providing access for blasting and painting works on the entire bridge, while the trains continue to run.

  • Hurstbourne Viaduct, Hurstbourne

    This scaffold enabled access for repairs to the brick work, columns and spans on this viaduct.

  • Wimbledon Station, London

    This scaffold enabled access to repair and refurbish both the building situated over the tunnel and the underside of the tunnel itself.

  • Marchwood Signal Post

    This scaffold was used to support the weakened post until a decision was made on renewal or repair.

  • Brokenford Bridge, Southampton

    This scaffold was erected in 2006 to enable painting and blasting works to be carried out on the bridge.